We offer following types of radiology reporting services


Final Reads

We have radiologists certified by radiology boards of many countries who can offer Final reads compliant with local regulations. This helps you save cost & provide timely reports.


Preliminary Reads

We pride ourselves in providing accurate and on time reports which can be further reviewed by your inhouse radiologists. The reports are consistent with your formats and templates improving the productivity of your radiologist.


Subspeciality Reads

Our team of certified specialist radiologists can provide reports in various sub specialties like MSK, Neuro, Breast MR, PET-CT, Oncology etc


STAT Reads

Timebound urgent reports with guaranteed Turnaround

Overflow Reporting

We can support you whenever you get overwhelmed with cases & you can send all the additional workload to us


Vacation Coverage

No Minimums, Temporary contracts! We can cover you while you are on vacation or unavailable for short periods.


Second Opinions

Utilize our expert radiologists to seek second opinions on complex cases offering your patients special care


Artificial Intelligence Triage

Using our wide integration with AI vendors we can triage critical cases using AI followed by manual read to provide more accurate reports.


Our Radiologists are capable of
Reporting the following Modalities:

  • X Ray
  • MRI Scan
  • CT Scan
  • Ultrasound
  • Mammography
  • PET-CT Scan
  • Nuclear Medicine Scan