Radiology Interpretation Service
Anytime, Anywhere!
  • State of the art reading room with access control
  • Web based PACS, Medical Display Monitors
  • VPN Connectivity offered for data security
  • Several failsafe mechanisms in place to take care of any eventuality
  • Internet – Bandwidth provided by multiple Tier 1 ISPs directly from their backbone with 99.9 % uptime
  • Power – Direct power from 2 providers followed by UPS and Generator backup
  • Server – Mirroring of data in primary server and alternate server available at a different physical location
  • Confidentiality – Secure IT infrastructure
  • Rapidly scalable model at a short notice
  • 24 x 7 monitoring of network connection and server
  • 24 hour Toll Free dedicated helpline
Advantages - Medical Providers
  • Reduced costs of travel and accommodation
  • Reduced costs where teleradiology prevents surgery / other medical procedures
  • Reduced need for childcare when travelling
  • Reduced time off from work

800-490-0509 (Toll Free)